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Uganda to Send More Troops to Somalia

Published April 26, 2011 by All Africa
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The Uganda People's Defence Forces Generals have asked for an additional 4,000 soldiers to be sent to the peace-keeping mission (Amisom) in Somalia.

Making the request before the parliamentary Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs, the Commander of Land Forces, Lt. Gen. Katumba Wamala, said, "Although the troops in the war-torn Somalia have registered success, there is need to fully wipe out the insurgents and have full control of the country."

Peacekeepers gaining in Somali capital but at high cost

Published April 14, 2011 by Denver Post
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African Union peacekeepers who launched an offensive seven weeks ago have expanded their control of Mogadishu to about half the Somali capital. They've gotten so close to Islamic insurgents that the soldiers can hear them cock their rifles before counterattacks.

But the campaign has come at a dear cost. Officials tell The Associated Press that more than 50 peacekeepers have been killed, along with an unknown number of Somali dead.

Darfur rebel leader rebukes African Union for its position against the peace mediator

Published April 12, 2011 by The Sudan Tribune
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The leader of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Abdel Wahid Al-Nur slammed today the recent decisions of the African Union on Darfur peace process and warned that such move will hamper any political solution for the eight year conflict.

"We condemn the biased decisions adopted by the Peace and Security Council of the African Union regarding the efforts undertaken by the Joint Chief Mediator Djibril Bassole and we warn that such move would impede any chance to reach a political solution for Darfur conflict" Al-Nur said.

S.Sudan official to Khartoum: Pull back from Abyei

Published April 12, 2011 by The Seattle Times
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The vice president of Southern Sudan on Tuesday urged the northern Sudanese military to withdraw its forces from a disputed border region that has seen a buildup of troops and weapons.

Vice President Riek Machar said leaders in the northern Sudanese capital of Khartoum are moving troops into the region just north of Abyei. Machar said all Southern Sudanese forces have pulled back from and are now stationed south of Abyei, a fertile and oil-producing territory that northern cattle herders use to graze their cattle.

Rwanda: RDF Builds School in Darfur

Published April 5, 2011 by All Africa
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Rwandan peacekeepers in western Sudan's conflict torn region of Darfur, have helped build a school a few kilometres south of the provincial capital, El Fasher.

Members of RwanBatt23 (37 infantry battalion) of the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) built the school to support the sustainable development of Turba village, located in their Zamzam base neighbourhood.

Darfur rebel leader condemns killing of UNAMID peacekeeper

Published April 6, 2011 by Sudan Tribune
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A Darfur rebel group condemned today the killing of a female peacekeeper in Darfur and accused Khartoum’s supported militias of being behind this aatck.

the female police adviser was killed during an ambush by unknown gunmen on a UNAMID patrol Tuesday afternoon in Kutum, North Darfur state. Two other policewomen from the hybrid mission were injured during the attack.

Uganda, Burundi To Send Another 3,000 Troops To Somalia

Published March 28, 2011 by Nasdaq
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KAMPALA, Uganda -(Dow Jones)- Uganda and Burundi are set to send another 3,000 troops in a bid to bolster the African Union Mission in Somalia, or Amisom, which is battling to dislodge al-Qaeda-inspired al Shabab militants from the war torn country.

Ugandan Amisom peacekeepers jailed for shooting Somalis

Published March 16, 2011 by BBC News
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Three Ugandan soldiers from the African Union force in Somalia have been sentenced to two years in prison for injuring civilians in two shooting incidents in the capital, Mogadishu.

Some Somalis have previously accused the AU force - Amisom - of using indiscriminate violence but these are the first such convictions.

AU claims Somalia operation success

Published March 10, 2011 by Aljazeera
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A major offensive by African Union troops in Somalia, in which dozens of peacekeepers from Burundi and Uganda were killed, reclaimed "significant" territory from insurgents, an African Union envoy has said.

During a special debate on Thursday, the United Nations Security Council paid tribute to those peacekeepers who had been killed in operations. The UNSC was discussing ways in which to end a two-decade old civil war in Somalia and to curb piracy off its coast.

Burundi sends 1,000 extra AU troops to Somalia

Published March 12, 2011 by Reuters Africa
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MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Burundi has sent 1,000 more troops to the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia taking its total there to 4,400, its army spokesman said on Saturday.

The U.N.-backed Transitional Federal Government of President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed controls part of the capital, and AMISON -- AU troops from Uganda and Burundi -- is fighting to stop two hardline Islamist insurgent groups from taking over the rest.

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