Security Sector Reform

Peace Operations and Organized Crime: Enemies or Allies?

James Cockayne
Adam Lupel
Date Published: 
October 12, 2011

Peace operations are increasingly on the front line in the international community’s fight against organized crime. This book explores how, in some cases, peace operations and organized crime are clear enemies, while in others, they may become tacit allies.

Protection of Civilians in the Context of Peace Operations: Experiences and Recommendations from Latin American Training Centres

Date Published: 
September 30, 2011

From 14 to 16 June 2011, the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre’s Latin American Peacekeeping Partnership (LAPP) and the Paraguayan Peacekeeping Training Centre, El Centro de Entrenamiento Conjunto de Operaciones de Paz (CECOPAZ), jointly organized a workshop entitled Protection of Civilians in the Context of Peace Operations. This workshop originated from a seminar on Crosscutting Challenges to Complex Peace Operations that the PPC jointly held with The Uruguayan National School of Peacekeeping Operations (ENOPU) in December 2010 in Montevideo.  The protection of civili

Security Council Cross-Cutting Report: Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

Date Published: 
July 20, 2011

In addition to reviewing developments relating to protection of civilians as a thematic issue on the Security Council’s agenda, including in the context of UN peacekeeping, the present report includes a statistical analysis of Council decisions in country-specific situations in 2010 and how protection issues were addressed. The Secretary-General’s reporting on protection of civilians, as well as the Council’s use of sanctions against individuals or entities committing violations against civilians are

Update Report No. 2: Interdependence Between Security & Development

Date Published: 
February 9, 2011

On 11 February, at the initiative of Brazil, the Council will hold an open debate on the interdependence between security and development.

A Leaner And Meaner Defense

Gordon Adams
Matthew Leatherman
Date Published: 
January 4, 2011

The United States faces a watershed moment: it must decide whether to increase its already massive debt in order to continue being the world’s sheriff or restrain its military missions and focus on economic recovery. Military power has dominated the United States’ global engagement over the last decade, but it is now clear that the country overreached.

The Future of SSR

Mark Sedra
Date Published: 
February 8, 2011

"The Future of Security Sector Reform" e-conference took place on May 4-8, 2009. CIGI and Governance Village organized the event. This e-Conference report outlines some of the urgent challenges that must be addressed for the SSR model to bridge the policy-practice divide and realize its core aims.

Somalia cancels troop-training project

Published January 28, 2011 by Washington Post
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MOGADISHU, Somalia -- Somalia's government decided on Thursday to cancel an agreement with a private security company linked to the founder of Blackwater Worldwide to train Somali forces to go after pirates and insurgents, a senior official said.

Deputy Security Minister Ibrahim Mohamed Yarow told The Associated Press that the Cabinet, meeting behind closed doors, ended the agreement with Saracen International in a decision he said is "irrevocable."

Somalia: Counting the cost of anarchy

Published January 26, 2011 by BBC
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Somalia has not been under the control of a single national government since 26 January 1991, when military strongman Siad Barre was toppled. What impact has 20 years of war and instability had on Somalia and its people?

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