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UNMISS destroys weapons seized in displaced camps

Published December 9, 2014 by Sudan Tribune
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December 9, 2014 (JUBA) – The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has destroyed hundreds of weapons confiscated from internally displaced people (IDPs) living at its protection sites in the capital, Juba.

Five Somalis killed in al-Shabaab suicide attack on UN convoy

Published December 4, 2014 by DPA International
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Mogadishu (dpa) - Five people were killed in a suicide bombing by Islamist terrorist group al-Shabaab on a United Nations convoy outside the airport in the Somali capital Mogadishu, security officials said Wednesday.

"The security escorts did their best to hit back [at] the suicide car bomber before he reached his target," security official Mohamed Hassan told dpa. "The vehicle detonated too early and didn't reach the UN convoy."

The UN Backs Down a Little, Adds More Women to Its Peacekeeping Panel

Published December 3, 2014 by The Nation
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In an act of contrition almost never seen at the United Nations, in early November Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon acknowledged that the organization had made a mistake in naming a gender-lopsided panel to review its peacekeeping operations. The fourteen-member High-level Independent Panel on UN Peace Operations originally included only three women.

Anti-Balaka group to lay down arms in CAR

Published November 30, 2014 by Al Jazeera
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The 'anti-Balaka' armed group in Central African Republic (CAR) has announced that it would lay down its weapons and become a political movement.

Key UN peacekeeping review will be done from afar

Published November 21, 2014 by Associated Press
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UNITED NATIONS: The Nobel Peace Prize winner who will lead the first major review of United Nations peacekeeping operations in 15 years said Thursday his panel likely will do its work from afar.

Security Council adopts first-ever resolution on ‘invaluable role’ of UN police operations

Published November 20, 2014 by UN News Centre
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20 November 2014 – The United Nations Security Council today adopted its first-ever resolution focusing on the world body’s policing operations, stressing their invaluable contribution to peacekeeping, civilian protection and the rule of law, and pledging to give clear mandates as well as appropriate resources to UN police-related work.

UN peacekeepers facing 'complex challenges'

Published November 20, 2014 by AFP
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New York - Dozens of UN peacekeepers have been killed in northern Mali and kidnapped on Syria's Golan in recent months, while in South Sudan they shelter 100 000 civilians fleeing merciless fighting.

Kobler: 'We cannot be in every village in the DRC'

Published November 6, 2014 by Deutsche Welle
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DW: Exactly a year ago, MONUSCO blue helmets and the Congolese armed forces defeated the M23 rebels. There was much rejoicing. But now MONUSCO is the target of protests, both in the capital Kinshasa and the town of Beni in the northeast of the DRC on the border to Uganda where ADF-NALU fighters have been attacking local residents. How do you explain the anger being vented by the protestors?

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