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Peace Operations Partnerships: Assessing Cooperation Mechanisms between Secretariats

Joachim Koops
Date Published: 
March 16, 2012

During the last decade, peace operation partnerships between the United Nations (UN) and regional organizations have advanced considerably both in operational and institutional terms. With the growing involvement of regional organizations in the area of peacekeeping, coordination between the UN and its potential partners is important in order to avoid duplication or outright inter-organizational rivalry.

U.S. and Afghanistan Agree on Handover of Prisoners

Published March 9, 2012 by The New York Times
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KABUL, Afghanistan — Seeking to break an impasse on a broader strategic arrangement, the United States agreed on Friday to greatly accelerate its handover of detainees to Afghan government control but will retain a veto over which ones can be released, American officials said.  Gen. John R. Allen, the American military commander, and Abdul Rahim Wardak, the Afghan defense minister, signed the compromise agreement in what diplomats described as a breakthrough in negotiations over a long-term military partnership.

Blog: Protection of Camp Ashraf must be US final act in Iraq

Published December 6, 2011 by The Hill (blog)
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The humanitarian issue of Camp Ashraf, home to 3,400 members of the Iranian opposition group, the Mujahedeen e Khalq (MEK), in Iraq has crossed party lines in the US, UK and EU as far right neo cons stand alongside democrats and liberals in support of defending an Iranian opposition group upon which there has been heated discussions. With an end of 2011 deadline set by Iraq to close the Camp, the issue will no doubt be a topic of serious discussion as Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki comes to Washington next week

NATO retrains troops after Afghan civilian deaths

Published November 29, 2011 by AP via Yahoo News
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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The top commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan has ordered retraining of coalition forces after seven civilians were killed in a military operation last week in the southern part of the country, coalition officials said Tuesday.

U.S. Gen. John Allen sent a letter to Afghan President Hamid Karzai saying NATO was aggressively investigating the deaths.

US warns South Sudan on support to SPLM-N

Published November 21, 2011 by Sudan Tribune
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(KHARTOUM) – South Sudan must cease any support it provides to Sudan People Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) that is currently engaged in fighting with Khartoum in the border states of Blue Nile and South Kordofan, the United States said today.

The message was delivered to the South Sudan government during a visit by the White House Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough to Juba and Khartoum that started last week.

Who’s bombing Somalia? French, US officials trade blame over mystery missile strikes

Published November 16, 2011 by AP via Washington Post
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NAIROBI, Kenya — When thundering explosions rattled a small Somali town during a meeting of Islamist insurgent leaders, it sent them scurrying for safety. An international military appears to have launched the powerful, well-timed attack, but no one will admit it.

The two top possibilities — the U.S. and French militaries — both deny responsibility. Officials from the two countries even suggested it might be the other.

US Urges Comprehensive Peace Deal in Darfur

Published November 17, 2011 by VOA (blog)
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The U.S. State Department is calling for the resumption of peace talks between the Sudanese government and armed rebel movements in Darfur.

The State Department made the comments on Wednesday at the end of a two-day workshop with Darfuri rebel groups and civil society leaders at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington.

The workshop included members of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), as well as the Justice and Liberation Movement (JLM) and the Sudan Liberation Army-Minni Minnawi (SLA-MM).

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