Peacekeeping News Articles

  • The UN-sanctioned military mission to Somalia, known as AMISOM, is taking on a new role after freeing much of the country from al-Shabab control.

    New operating guidelines will allow troops to re-open key supply routes once blockaded by militants in south central Somalia, where more freedom of movement is needed to help alleviate the impact of drought and food insecurity.

    Voice of America | December 3, 2014
  • The 'anti-Balaka' armed group in Central African Republic (CAR) has announced that it would lay down its weapons and become a political movement.

    Al Jazeera | November 30, 2014
  • November 26, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan ordered this week the closure of a human rights office of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), saying it contradicts the mandate of the operation and incompatible with the agreement signed the Sudanese government.

    Sudan Tribune | November 26, 2014
  • November 25, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese government said that it has documented cases of sexual abuse of Darfuri women committed by members of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), accusing the latter of failing to take action.

    Sudan Tribune | November 25, 2014
  • 25 November 2014 – Amid rising tensions Port-au-Prince and other key Haitian cities in the wake of last month’s delayed elections, the top United Nations official in the country deplored the violence that recently caused injuries among demonstrators and called on all sides to respect the right to free expression while also avoiding any recourse to violence.

    UN News Centre | November 25, 2014
  • JUBA, South Sudan—South Sudan is in crisis. Following the outbreak of a civil war almost a year ago, the country has been devastated by widespread violence that is both politically and ethnically motivated. The international community’s ability to stop the violence rests in large part on the shoulders of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), a peacekeeping operation with a mandate to use force to protect civilians. 

    World Politics Review | November 25, 2014
  • EL FASHER (24 Nov.) - Internally displaced people in Darfur have agreed that troops of the UN-AU hybrid mission in Darfur (Unamid) should not leave the region, before they are replaced with alternative forces which protect the civilian and displaced population. The peacekeeping mission confirmed it has received a request from Khartoum to put in place an exit strategy from Darfur.

    Radio Dabanga | November 24, 2014
  • 24 November 2014 – The security situation in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is “worsening,” a senior United Nations official has warned, citing an escalating trend of massacres in the town of Beni – the site of continuing flare-ups of deadly violence between armed groups, including Ugandan-based rebels operating in the area.

    UN News Centre | November 24, 2014
  • UNITED NATIONS: The Nobel Peace Prize winner who will lead the first major review of United Nations peacekeeping operations in 15 years said Thursday his panel likely will do its work from afar.

    Associated Press | November 21, 2014
  • November 21, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s foreign ministry told western diplomats and international organisations in Khartoum on Friday that it has informed the hybrid peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) two weeks ago to begin an exit strategy from the restive region.

    Sudan Tribune | November 21, 2014

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