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  • 12 February 2014 – Standing on his hind legs to peer at a United Nations vehicle in South Sudan, he poked his head under the hood and sniffed, brown curls shaking around as he searched for explosives.

    This water cocker spaniel is one of eight sniffer dogs that arrived last week from the UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to help with random searches in and around UN bases and some displacement camps in strife-torn South Sudan .

    UN News Centre | February 12, 2014
  • Muslims living in Bangui, the blood-stained capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), are showering praise on African peacekeepers – particularly those from Rwanda, Burundi and Cameroon – for saving their lives, while scoffing at their French counterparts.

    "Rwandan, Burundian and Cameroonian troops have saved the lives of many Muslims who would have otherwise been lynched by angry Christian mobs in Bangui," Abdulaye Tijani, a resident of Kilometer 5, a predominantly Muslim district of Bangui, told Anadolu Agency.

    World Bulletin | February 11, 2014
  • Japan may allow exports of defense equipment to international organizations such as those involved in UN peacekeeping operations on condition they do not take sides in conflicts, Kyodo News reported Tuesday.

    Under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan is reviewing various aspects of defense including its self-imposed ban on weapons exports.

    Global Times | February 11, 2014
  • The Council of the European Union (EU) formally approved the launch of an EU peacekeeping mission to the Central African Republic (CAR) on 10 February.

    The decision means that military planning and force-generation for the mission can now start, and follows a political accord between EU ministers for such a mission in January.

    IHS | February 11, 2014
  • 11 February 2014 – The top United Nations peacekeeping official today warned of difficult challenges in solving the conflict between the Government and opposition in South Sudan, as humanitarian officials reported that they have only been able to aid about a third of the nearly 900,000 people displaced by the fighting.

    UN News Centre | February 11, 2014
  • The Marine Corps’ partnership with African military forces is likely to expand as those nations look to the U.S. for the training and expertise they need to combat violent extremist organizations, insurgencies, piracy or threatening neighbors, according to a top officer at U.S. Africa Command.

    Fifteen of the 20 most fragile nations in the world — those on the brink of collapse — are in Africa, as are more than half the U.S. embassies that the State Department calls “high risk” and in need of additional Marine security guards.

    Military Times | February 10, 2014
  • Amid fears of intensifying religious violence, the European Union is expected to authorize a mission Monday that would send up to 1,000 troops to the Central African Republic, the bloc's first full-fledged military land operation in six years.

    Wall Street Journal | January 17, 2014
  • The U.N. peacekeeping chief in Mali appealed on Thursday for a quicker deployment of troops to boost the force, which is operating at half its mandated strength of 11,200, so it can better tackle extremist groups in the north of the country.

    Reuters | January 16, 2014
  • On Thursday, U.N. under-secretary general for peacekeeping Hervé Ladsous told reporters the toll well exceeded 1,000 and reiterated that “the situation in terms of violations of human rights remains terribly critical.” The next day, the International Crisis Group released its own estimates that put the figure at up to 10,000.

    IPS | January 14, 2014
  • The European Union (EU) has donated 12.5 million euros to fund the establishment of a Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3I) system to improve the management of African Union led peacekeeping and support operations.

    The European Union is using funding from its Africa Peace Facility (APF) fund to pay for the C3I system, which will be implemented in 2014-15.

    defenceWeb | December 19, 2013

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