Most Popular Small Businesses in Dubai

Most Popular Small Businesses in Dubai

Even though Dubai is considered the number one destination for large business and a center of many international conglomerates both offshore and onshore there is also ample opportunities for small businesses. Dubai offers an easy access to 1.5 billion consumer markets situated in Africa, West Asia, Eastern Europe as well as surrounding Middle East countries and as such is a perfect place for a thriving business whether it is big or small.

The government policy and the state of the art infrastructure present in Dubai supports the growth of small business not just for local residents but also for an ever-growing number of foreign investors as well. Dubai welcomes business from every corner of the world. In fact foreign business is more than welcome in Dubai since their presence is a major provides a major economic boost. Your business will be easy and straightforward to set up, there is a number of free trade zones that offer cheaper goods and there are only three sectors of business that are heavily taxed which are oil, banking and tobacco processing.

A number of small business opportunities are available in Dubai but some of them are more lucrative and needed than other. One good example is construction. Dubai is always growing, new building are erected every day and construction business is always topping the wanted list. As a result of this there are also great opportunities for businesses that manufacture or sell raw materials used in building and construction.

Because there are many large business in UAE another sector worth looking into is financial services. Every company needs accountants, bookkeepers and auditors and that is also true for companies in Dubai. If you have a solid background in these areas and can offer reliable services you can start a very lucrative business that has every chance of expanding quickly.

Another very important segment of every thriving economy is transport and there are huge opportunities in this sector. The demand for transport services has never been higher and as Dubai continues to prosper and expand the demand will only grow. There is demand for every kind of transport from taxi services to trans-city transport services delivering goods and materials.

Tourism has always had a large impact on the economy of UAE with Dubai being it’s most desirable location. There is a great number of hotels and other accommodation facilities but there always need for more. If you decide to invest in this area you have a chance of a quick return of investment with considerable growth potential as the number of tourists grows every year. There is also other area of tourism to be considered such as organized tours and travel agencies and even further than that there is always a significant need for all sorts of hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurants and night clubs.

Whatever kind of small business you consider you will find fertile soil in Dubai. Just make sure you offer a high quality of service and in no time you will be one of the shining stars in Dubai’s ever-expanding business universe.