Things that you can do to get skinny legs!

Things that you can do to get skinny legs!

Are you worried about your legs getting thicker day by day? Fat legs can make you look rather short and you may have to stop wearing skirts, shorts and skinny jeans forever – or at least till the time that you get your skinny legs back! You might start feeling low about yourself and lose that self-esteem of yours. But, the good news is that you can change this too. All you need is a strong will power and follow a few basic rules.

To be honest, as many fitness trainers in Dubai state, this particular problem tends to effect women more than it does men. The reason is that women are prone to accumulating fats around their legs more easily than men do. But, this doesn’t mean that men do not suffer from it at all, because they do so in case they get overweight. However, irrespective of your gender, you need to get rid of all that accumulated fat around your legs!

A couple of things that you can do to get your legs back in shape are:

Right exercises to slim down your legs

Losing all that fat around your legs is a two way process. The first step is to burn away all that excessive fat that you have accumulated over time and is giving your legs a bit of a padded look. Secondly, you need to build lean muscles around your legs and have muscle mass cover them, not fats.

Your daily leg slimming routine should consist of both cardio and strength building exercises. Any cardio exercise is right for burning fats, but, since you’re focusing on your legs, try something that makes your legs do the work. Bicycle riding, treadmill, jogging through sand are all effective options. Even better, you can try to play some outdoor games like football that will make you work out while you have fun with your friends.

If you can join a fitness gym in Dubai and go there regularly, you should do that by all means. The best thing to do there is to concentrate on your leg muscles, like your inner and outer thigh muscles, your calves and your feet muscles. Work a little more on the leg machines and track your progress. Do what you find comfortable and effective and seek advice from the trainer.

If that is not possible for you, you can still start your quest by doing some home routines concentrating on your legs. Classics like leg lifts, lunges and wall sits are the best to start with. Search for them online and you’ll get detailed descriptions, illustrations and even videos on how to do these at home.

Right Diet

Have you heard about fat-burning food? If not, you need to know that there are food items out there that can help you lose weight by eating. These are foods that are difficult to digest and help to increase your metabolism many fold. They increase your heart rate and this in turn, burns loads of fats. Foods with high amount of fiber content are also stated in this category, Examples include beans, citrus fruits and even milk. Water also has a major role to play in this process as it helps in burning away the fact that you consume.