Dimensions of Electrical and Mechanical engineering

Dubai has always been looking for engineers to work in the Emirates without any nationality restrictions. They only demand highly skilled, talented and educated engineers to be part of their growing economy and work for them. Electrical engineering in Dubai is one of the demanding branches of engineering in the Middle East region in general and the United Arab Emirates in particular.


Electrical Engineering:

The branch of electrical engineering came to the fore in the 19th century. Electrical engineering works on a wide variety of components, equipment, devices and electric systems. Their functions range from tiny microchips to massive power stations. Primitive batteries and static currents were the earlier modals they worked for. After Michael Faraday’s Law of Induction got its initial recognition, the actual design, construction and manufacturing of useful devices and systems commenced.


Electrical engineering has a number of specialized categories, including;


  • power generation and transmission systems,
  • motors, batteries and control systems,
  • telecommunications,
  • remote sensing,
  • radio frequency (RF) systems,
  • digital circuits,
  • signal processing,
  • instrumentation,
  • audio, video and optoelectronics.


CAD system is highly used in the field of electrical engineering as it allows quick and easy alterations of designs and rapid prototyping and modifications required by any CNC machine. Research and development industries highly endorse electrical and electronics engineers who are considered experts in their subject. Industries for electrical engineers are:


  • automotive,
  • marine,
  • railroad,
  • aerospace,
  • defense,
  • consumer electronics,
  • commercial construction,
  • lighting,
  • computers and components,
  • telecommunications
  • traffic control,
  • transportation departments,
  • national laboratories and
  • the military electrical engineering department.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a diversified subject to design and manufacture everything from micro scale sensors to large machine tools. Mechanical engineer needs to attain fastidious skills and knowledge. The design and functionality of the machine is determined by the manufacturer who ensures that machine will operate without any chances of failure. Analyzing ability and its design formation are the exclusive domains of a mechanical engineer.


Mechanical engineers are always welcomed in industries like:


  • automotive;
  • aerospace,
  • biotechnology,
  • computers and electronics,
  • micro electromechanical systems,
  • energy conversion,
  • environmental control,
  • automation,
  • manufacturing micro fabrication


The mechanical engineering company in Dubai provides an attractive growth rate and good future to its employees and impressive and stunning designs to its clients. As per a recent survey on salary structure in Dubai and other states of the UAE, an engineer with specialization in mechanical engineering can anticipate a salary range between 161,370 AEDs to 357,000 AEDs per annum while the professional in electrical engineering can expect a salary in the range of AEDs 175,732 and AEDs343,124 per annum. If these numbers sound big, your time starts now to choose mechanical engineering as your career.