Invisalign or Braces implant in Pediatric Dental Care

The most important ingredient of any child’s life is his or her beautiful smile. Due to some factors, irreparable damage is caused to your child’s teeth which needs complete dental care and treatment. These damaging factors might include different lifestyle patterns, bad cleanliness, negligence, hyper activeness, outdoor and physical activities which sometimes damage your child’s oral health. You have lots of wonderful reasons to make sure that your family’s teeth and gums are healthy. One shouldn’t avoid toothache because it can further cause other gum diseases which finally leads to lots of problems. In today’s world, a variety of treatments is available in the market, especially for teens who are concerned about their jaw line and worried about straightening of their teeth. We all have some idea about the treatment which is being used across the globe from the last many years that implementation of braces but now a day a new treatment, i.e. Invisalign in Dubai which is rapidly becoming the most sought after procedure among the teenaged patients.

There are few differences which we can find among the two procedures, i.e. the Invisalign braces and conventional braces. Today we are going to give you a bird’s eye view about what these procedures are so you can easily select the best one for you.

  • Braces are made up of metal brackets which used to glue with your teeth with the help of rubber bands and wires. On the other hand, Invisalign is invisible in design. The tray which is used to align your teeth is made up of clear plastic which is worn on the teeth so the teeth can move gently.
  • Color and exterior: Braces usually match with the color of the specified enamel with different rubber bands which you prefer to make the smile more beautiful while on the other hand Invisalign is transparent which others can’t see so you can smile and talk confidently.
  • Duration of treatment: Braces are usually worn for two years continuously on an average but Invisalign is ideally one can wear 24 hours a day with change out every two weeks. The results depend on the patient’s ability to wear the braces in a prescribed manner for the perfect outcome.
  • Cost of procedure: Braces procedure is nearly $1800-$5500 whereas Invisalign cost is $5000 on an average.
  • Care and Maintenance: If you wear braces you should keep this in mind that braces are irremovable therefore you need to be careful with different foods like chewing gums, pop corns, nuts, sticky and hard candies and others. There are no food restrictions for invislign aligners you can eat, drink and floss easily because they are removable.
  • Follow-ups: Traditional braces need frequent follow-up appointments than Invisalign aligners. Braces need monthly follow-ups and positioning and resetting at night time while Invisalign needs replacement every two weeks and monthly to six weekly visits for a follow-up.

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