Is the Covid-19 in your couch?

If you knew that you are not safe from the danger of COVID-19 inside your own house, you are bound to panic. Covid-19 can travel from one place to another, unseen by eyes and unheard by the ears.  If you are not careful enough, you might be putting you and your family at risk of contracting the lethal virus.

What is an Asymptomatic-Carrier?

Asymptomatic-career is a term used for patients who have unwanted pathogens in their systems but have not shown any symptoms yet. According to estimates, Covid-19 takes up to 40 days to show the first sign of sickness. During this period, the people with the virus become asymptomatic carriers; they are not aware of being COVID-19 positive and are not in quarantine. These people are the most significant source of COVID spread and transmission.

How to ward off COVID-19 from your house?

COVID-19 is a microscopic invader; it can enter your house anytime with the help of any asymptomatic career. To save your household from the danger of COVID-19, you need to act fast. There are two best ways to prepare your house to battle COVID:

  1. Cleaning: Cleaning will not kill the virus, but lessen the chances of their survival.
  2. Disinfecting: Using medically approved disinfectants to terminate viral colonies. You can easily hire a sanitizing cleaning company in Dubai. There are many disinfection cleaning companies in Dubai that you can hire.

Cleaning the Cleaner:

COVID is a sneaky virus that can withhold extreme weather conditions all over the globe. It would be best if you made personal safety preparations for undertaking the disinfecting operation. Here a few tips that will keep you safe from the dangers of this global pandemic:

  1. Arrange safety goggles, gloves, and rubber shoes for the disinfection process.
  2. Never apply or inject disinfectant on yourself.
  3. Screen all electronic devices like phones, TV, PCs, tablets and others for cleaning.
  4. Do not handle the laundry with bare hands and add recommended amounts of disinfectants along with detergents to kill harmful viruses.
  5. Avoid mixing chemical-based products without proper knowledge and instructions.
  6. Practice hygiene routines with anti-septic hand-sanitizers and soaps.


COVID-19 is a global pandemic. People all over the world are trying to fight it with social distancing and quarantine. The Coronavirus can breach your house any second without your knowledge. To stay safe from the COVID-19, keep your home clean and perform disinfection from time to time. With proper education and hygiene, we can beat this pandemic in no time.