Rail Transport in Dubai

Since Dubai started to grow and develop with the speed of light little more than thirty years ago, there was immediate need to start working on the transportation systems of all kinds. At first there were regular busses, taxis (on much lower level than nowadays), abras (traditional way of water transportation), some plain boats and of course – camels and horses. But then everything evolved; horses and camels became a status symbol, traditional abras are not even necessary and they became the way to show tourists how people used to get across the water and busses evolved so much.

Enormous number of expats started moving to UAE, especially to Dubai, so the number of citizens grew significantly. It was only natural to start developing a subway system and it was built in the best possible way as many other things which were introduced to Dubai for the first time when Western world started “occupying” it. They started building it in 2006, and the first passengers were using it in 2009. Dubai Metro owns driverless trains, consisting of five coaches;  Gold ones (providing extra comfort and less crowd), those for woman and children only, and three coaches for standard passengers.

Dubai metro has Green Line and Red Line. The ride through the whole Red Line lasts one hour and through the green line even less, which shows how fast and efficient Dubai Metro is.  Red Line goes from Rashidiya to UAE Exchange and is connected to Tram System  and the Green Line goes to Dubai Healthcare City.

Tram system is a part of Roads and Transport Association and requires NOL tickets.

The most important thing, the most futuristic thing by now in Dubai is being prepared and it has to do with rails. There is a collaboration between UAE and Hyperloop One Company from LA, in order to build the supersonic train that will take passengers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in twelve minutes. It has been announced that when and if this happens, the tickets will have to be pretty expensive in order to regain the insane amount of money needed to support the project of that size. Etihad Rails said that this project will have extremely important role in political and economic relations within the region and it will also be valuable in terms of socialization. It is said that this train will be able to travel with approximate speed of 1200kilometers per hour. Until that happens you can use the Dubai Metro; the longest driverless line in the world or trams; Dubai trams are the only ones outside of Europe using power supplies from under the ground. While you enjoy those, Etihad Rail is working on new 1200km of rail roads to make it possible for you to travel even easier and faster all around UAE!

Etihad Rail and Abu Dhabi Metro are currently investing around 50 billion Dollars all together in the development of the rail system end expecting everything to be done between 2023 and 2030.